Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bye Bye Seoul, Hello ATL

Well it was a nice flight back to ATL, I got bumped up to 'prestige class', which is like a nice business class. Prestige class included four course and quality meals along with seats that can fully recline to a bed like position, which made the fourteen hour flight much more enjoyable. I left Seoul at 10:20am, local time, and arrived in ATL at 11:00am, local time, so technically it was only a 40 minute flight according to the local calender.

Summer camp was a blast, although it consumed a lot of my energy. The first graders have a lot of character, and really are quick learners. While the fourth graders did a good job, their English level was below that of many of the 3rd graders.

I've been thinking about what will come of this blog. Since it's titled "Seoul" one might think that it would end once I leave the country. I'll post some other Seoul media that I've not yet had a chance to at a later time, but I'll also probably turn it into an 'Atlanta' photo blog. It'll give me a reason to continue taking pictures.

Thank you for taking your time to view my pictures and ready my 'travel log' or 'blog'.

I started graduate school orientation the day after I came into ATL, and am extremely pleased with the communications program. I feel back at home already. :) Ironically there was a South Korean in the communications department, also as a masters student, whom was brand new to ATL and came straight from Seoul. I was able to give him some helpful tips and advice on how to live in this city, and how it differs from Korea and Seoul. He was completely overwhelmed by the differences of the two cities, much like how I was initially overwhelmed by Seoul and the newness of it's Korean culture, so I feel that I was able to understand how he felt. Even though we are in different programs within the department I gave him my e-mail address for any help he might need.