Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Seoul in Summer, Schools Out

Watering flower pots around the city on a hot summer day.

World Cup Stadium, Seoul

Botanical Gardens

So I went on a trip with all of the teachers to the botanical gardens somewhere north of Seoul. Don't really know where I was, but it took almost two hours to get there. It was nice to be able to get out of the city and relax while exploring the gardens. The bottom five pictures are from that trip.

Regular classes were finished last week and it was interesting and sometimes sad to say goodbye to all of the students. I will miss teaching all of the students. Each class gave a unique expression when finding out that I would not be returning next semester. The third graders were the most upset with my leaving, with supposedly one student broke into tears after the co-teacher and I left, other classes would attempt to not let me leave the class by trying to hold me back. Many of the sixth graders were very nonchalant yet polite about my leaving. It's nice to know that the students seemed to like English class.

I will start teaching an English summer camp later this week, and I'll be visiting Shanghai, China for a quick visit this weekend. Also tomorrow I'll be able to see one of the longest eclipses in modern history, only visible in Asia. Look for photos of the eclipse later this week. Here is an animation of what the eclipse will look like from Seoul. It's not a 100% coverage of the Sun, but close. http://www.eclipse.org.uk/eclipse/0412009/Seoul_South_Korea_2009Jul21_anim.gif

It's monsoon season currently, and it rains extremely hard when it rains.

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EdgeOfNowhere said...

I can't believe the regular school year is already over, Steven! I'm looking forward to seeing posts about Shanghai and saw footage/reports of the eclipse yesterday. - Charissa