Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring into Spring

Well Spring for the most part is here, although this morning is started to rain, and then snow rather hard. I've never seen such a quick transition from one to the other.

This semester is going well. As previously stated, I feel much more comfortable as a teacher, and enjoy the company of my teachers even more.

The top image is of a group of tap dancers 'tapping off' to a live funk band. This took place in Seoul's artistic district which is surrounded by many universities giving the area a great sense of experimentation and expression. If I could pick where I would live, it would have been closer to there, in retrospect. There are many interesting shops, museums, and other culturally interesting things to do and see.

The second picture is of a friend buying dried seaweed at a traditional Korean market in Namdeamun.

My parents will be here next week, and hopefully I'll find out about grad school in a week or two. So it should be an interesting April for sure. I did make another website for an online portfolio for grad school, but it's not much at this point, so I won't post the link here. But I do plan to make another more general blog on that site, which I will post when I do. The new blog will be an area for my general thoughts about current events, technology, and art, while I'll keep this one focused on my episode in Korea. Korea's been a great experience, thus far, and now that I'm past the six month mark I feel much better about the whole experience. So many interesting and kind people to meet, I must say I think Koreans are very welcoming.

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