Wednesday, January 21, 2009

English Winter Camp

This is the first grade class. I feel like I taught them the most out of all my classes.

This is my third/fourth grade class, they were the best behaved.

The second grader who was the overall champ of English. He read "Are you My Mother?" faster than I did when I was in second grade. He also completed the workbook I made in the first two days.

Another 2nd grade class, you can see the book I compiled/made being held up by one of the students.

So Winter Camp ended up being a good experience, initially it was a bit stressful lesson planning for ages I have not yet taught, but I surprised myself with making lesson plans that ended up being great for the kids levels. I tried to vary each lesson so that people of different levels would gain something from it; but all my first graders were at about the same level, thus making teaching them the easiest.

Teaching English camp was completely different than teaching during the regular semester because I was able to teach the same kids every day and see instant results. When teaching during the regular school year I teach over 300 hundred kids that I only see once a week, thus making it hard to know how much they are learning and what level they are really on.

During the last week with my third and fourth grade class we made a quick movie. The children really impressed me with how much they were able to get done in such a short amount of time. Sense writing the scripts were very hard for the children, that ended up taking most of the time, thus we were only left with 20 minutes of actually shooting time. So for the Summer English Camp, I think I'll give making a movie a full week so that we can have a bigger production. I made copies of the movie on CD for everyone in the class; so that they can look back at this video years after. I was really impressed by the script the girls wrote, it had a complete narative arch to the story. The boys script had some English mistakes in it, but I was not overly concerned about correcting what they wrote. The point of the exercise was to show that they could synthesize English sentences on their own well enough to convey a meaning.

Now that Winter Camp is finished I will have a couple weeks to rest, travel, study, work on personal projects, etc. I will have a completely custom website up in early February; I'll post the link here when it is up.


jon pak said...

great job steve~

Jamie said...

oh my gosh SO CUTE! I love when you jump in and are the referees voice haha.