Sunday, December 7, 2008

Winter is Near

It continues to get colder. Today it snowed for a few hours. Last night the low was -11 C. Went to the market to buy some more warm clothes and tea.

Men in South Korea are required to give at least two years of service. So this means they can either serve in the military or do some other type of social service. Thus, it is not uncommon to see about 20 young police men with gear standing post outside a mall.

Public transportation is wonderful in Seoul; and is one of the most impressive features of the city. Seoul has an extensive bus system, which you can tell from the picture. (How many buses can you count?) There are also free transfers from bus to subway; which can be convenient. And taxi's are relatively cheap when compared to a NYC taxi; it costs about maybe 4,000 won to go around 9 miles, and about 25,000 won if you needed to get across city in hurry. And there of course is no tipping in Korea; it would be considered rude if you tried to tip in most cases.

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