Sunday, December 14, 2008

Movie Protesters

In the middle of the city I came across what I thought were a bunch of protesters, but once I walked closer I realized that people were cuing and filming them. Also another note of interest is how well lit their faces were; this is because of the reflectors that they placed at their feet to insure proper lighting. I'm curious what they were protesting though; protesting is larger part of the culture here. This was a small production; but interesting to walk by none the less.

Also in the middle of Seoul runs a nice stream. Many people jog and walk through this every day as it goes for miles; it's also well lit at night. This area of Seoul is a bit of a subway ride from my location, but its fun to visit from time to time. There is an abundance of western food (and international food in general) selection located around this area, as it is a big tourist attraction. There are western style restaurant that are completely Korean owned, even though many Koreans might not be aware of it. (Although its kind of obvious to the foreigner, because I've never seen a shrimp tofu burger in any fast food restaurant in the West.) But its kind of like in America when you go to an Asian restaurant franchise your not completely sure who its owned by. And in America the Asian food might be Americanized, but your not really sure how... It's also fascinating that forks here are as much a novelty as chop sticks are in the West. They only use forks if they were at a nice western restaurant for the most part; as we would at an Asian restaurant. After living in Korea you become quite used to using chopsticks; and its just as natural as a knife and fork. (well at least most of the time.) It's amazing how much skill goes into using a knife and fork properly that we forget about. It's as hard as using chopsticks, if not harder, for a new learner.

Each Asian country uses different types of chopsticks. In Korea they are long, thin, and made of metal. Also in Korea you always use a spoon along with your chop sticks, because soup is always served with every meal. So if you don't feel like picking up tiny pieces of rice with your long narrow chopsticks, no problem, just use a spoon. :)

I got sick all last week with a pretty bad cold. But I'm starting to feel better. I think it was that -11C weather... My body is starting to get used to the colder weather; and I imagine by January I'll be fine.

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The Swigarts said...

Sounds cold! Tampa was 80 degrees today. Glad to hear you are feeling better!