Wednesday, October 1, 2008


This week included "Sports Day", which is a very large event here at my elementary school. It is put on every other year since it is such a big production. There was a full rehearsal day early in the week and then the real "Sports Day" that all of the parents come out to watch for the entire school day. Each grade puts on a choreographed Korean dance, either traditional or modern; some really neat stuff. And then there are a whole bunch of other competitions and games. Some teachers think that "Sports Day" takes too much time away from the students studies, and that it can be rather stressful for everyone to put on such a large event. I thought it was very impressive and I am sure the children learned a lot about practical team work, etc. But either way, I was glad that I was able to participate in it; I even ended up becoming a participant in an event or two. But for most of the day I helped with the score board and other odd jobs. I had a really good time, then after the day all of the teachers went out for Korean BBQ and drinks. It was fun to be able to socialize with all of the teachers and a few of the parents.

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