Thursday, September 11, 2008


This week has been the real introduction to me being a teacher. It's been fun, and I am starting to feel more comfortable teaching the more I do it. The students English levels are at such a wide range it will be hard to balance the classroom material so people are not too bored or frustrated. I always teach with a Korean co-teacher, and they have been a huge help. It truly is a team effort, and it's always nice to have them to be able to translate/clarify for me when need be. With two teachers in the classroom the more advanced students can ask me questions in English while the others can ask the Korean teacher for help.

The pictures above are from when I applied for my Alien Registration Card. The ARC is my ID card while in Korea. It allows me to be able to do basic things; like get a cell phone. So after I applied for the ARC my co-teacher and I walked around the city for a few miles, or more.

This weekend is a big family holiday, similar to the American Thanksgiving, so I will have Monday and Tuesday off from school; I'll try to see more of Seoul and beyond with some of my friends. Look for more pictures on Tuesday. The name of the holiday is Chuseok (추석)


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