Sunday, September 14, 2008


My friends and I spent Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) at an island beach. We had to hop around on different islands to get to the one we were going to. We ended up getting a little lost here and there, but that made it more fun in the end; there was even a small mountain that we accidentally hiked over. Finally we met with the other teachers that were already on the island and we all watched the sunset then had a Korean BBQ of our own.

The tides around the island were pretty dramatic. Once the tide went down you could walk over to another smaller island. Also locals, and maybe a tourist or two, would go out into the mud and go shellfish hunting. And there is an abundance of shellfish to be had around these islands. Before crossing over to the islands a couple of my friends and I found a little restaurant in a small seaport town that served us shellfish soup. I don't remember being given a menu or a choice of what to order, but I had no complaints as it tasted great and the price was right.

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