Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well, I have finally moved into my new apartment. It is in a great location, right next to a subway stop and a bunch of small traditional Korean stores (Along with a 7/11 or two). I walked to a traditional Korean street market early in the morning, which was great to see. Also, I am under two miles away from my school, so eventually buying a used bike would be ideal. For now though, I will either walk or take the bus, which is only 90 cents and drops me very close to the school.

Since I am living further away from central Seoul there are less foreigners. Which means it is harder to find stuff that a foreigner would want, such as an American to Korean power outlet adapter. So I'm writing this from a PC cafe, which is pretty cheap. It only costs one dollar for one hour, many people play computer games here. But I like being away from central Seoul, there are many trails and paths for me to jog on, with out them being too crowded.

I will try and post some pictures tomorrow after I find my power adapter (My laptop's battery is drained). Yongsan Electronic Market is where I am going to try and go to tomorrow. It is one of the largest electronic markets in the world, so I am pretty sure that they would have it.
Check it out:

Also a on a side note: The day before orientation was over the director of SMOE asked me to give a 'farewell speech' at the closing ceremonies. So it was a good opportunity to give a speech in front of over 200 people. Practice makes perfect.

Tommorow I will meet my school and students, I am very excited. Look tommorow for some pictures of my part of the neighborhood.

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Charissa said...

Hi Steven - What a great adventure. I like your blog, photos and video. I'm looking forward to stories about your students and, of course, photos too!