Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here in Seoul, yet to sleep.

So after a 15 hour flight and 2 hour bus ride and lots of waiting I am finally here in Seoul! The flight was great. (Although, I have not slept in over 24 hours at this point) Korean Air had free entertainment on demand with a personal LCD screen. I watched 2 Korean Movies and 2 Hollywood Indie films; they had a large selection of films to choose from. Also the in flight meal was really good, it was a traditional Korean dish served in a portable manner (It included seaweed soup).

I sat next to a Korean who lives in America and he gave me some "dos and don'ts" of Korea, which was nice of him. He's a CPA and has a father in the TV industry here in Korea.

Time to get some rest...

The subway system will be fun to learn. I wont be able to use it though until I actually move into my own apartment after orientation.


Anna said...

Steve - Love the pics and comments! Thanks for keeping us updated! Big news here is that Henry slept through the night! love, Anna

Clint said...

Wow! Cool Blog Steve! Hope you got some good sleep.

It sounds like you lucked out with a nice plane buddy.

Bill & Sheila said...


Glad you made it. Took a look at the subway map. It is all Greek to me ;-)

Uncle Bill (TN)

Clint said...

Steve! Your new area looks great for being refreshing yet urban! Let me know how the process is to buy a bike! Thanks so much for keeping the blog updated; it is nice to know what my bro is up to so many timezones away.

Clint said...

Wow! What cool pictures. Glad you had an awesome bday!