Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well, I have finally moved into my new apartment. It is in a great location, right next to a subway stop and a bunch of small traditional Korean stores (Along with a 7/11 or two). I walked to a traditional Korean street market early in the morning, which was great to see. Also, I am under two miles away from my school, so eventually buying a used bike would be ideal. For now though, I will either walk or take the bus, which is only 90 cents and drops me very close to the school.

Since I am living further away from central Seoul there are less foreigners. Which means it is harder to find stuff that a foreigner would want, such as an American to Korean power outlet adapter. So I'm writing this from a PC cafe, which is pretty cheap. It only costs one dollar for one hour, many people play computer games here. But I like being away from central Seoul, there are many trails and paths for me to jog on, with out them being too crowded.

I will try and post some pictures tomorrow after I find my power adapter (My laptop's battery is drained). Yongsan Electronic Market is where I am going to try and go to tomorrow. It is one of the largest electronic markets in the world, so I am pretty sure that they would have it.
Check it out:

Also a on a side note: The day before orientation was over the director of SMOE asked me to give a 'farewell speech' at the closing ceremonies. So it was a good opportunity to give a speech in front of over 200 people. Practice makes perfect.

Tommorow I will meet my school and students, I am very excited. Look tommorow for some pictures of my part of the neighborhood.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

This is a typical lunch here at the Orientation, it is good.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Orientation has been going well, I have been learning a lot about Korean culture as well as getting good tips on teaching. It has nice being able to meet other teachers while here at Orientation.

This video was taken on the bus trip to the hotel from the airport.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here in Seoul, yet to sleep.

So after a 15 hour flight and 2 hour bus ride and lots of waiting I am finally here in Seoul! The flight was great. (Although, I have not slept in over 24 hours at this point) Korean Air had free entertainment on demand with a personal LCD screen. I watched 2 Korean Movies and 2 Hollywood Indie films; they had a large selection of films to choose from. Also the in flight meal was really good, it was a traditional Korean dish served in a portable manner (It included seaweed soup).

I sat next to a Korean who lives in America and he gave me some "dos and don'ts" of Korea, which was nice of him. He's a CPA and has a father in the TV industry here in Korea.

Time to get some rest...

The subway system will be fun to learn. I wont be able to use it though until I actually move into my own apartment after orientation.